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Blackjack Stiff Hand - playtopwincasino.loan If you have a stiff hand and the dealer has a pat hand you HIT.A stiff hand is when a blackjack player is dealt cards with a value of 12 up to 16. Not surprisingly, this can be one of the most difficult hands for players, as trying to hit can be very difficult. stiff hand help ? - Blackjack and Card Counting Forums I have a new idea for help with stiff hands and i am looking for an open discussion of its merits and weaknesses. What I have been doing is when i have a hand that has almost a .50 expecation I switch to another system temporarily. I give the average card a value of 7.5 so that there is a total of 30 points in any 4 card combination.

Ever wondered what the best cards are for blackjack players and dealers? We explore the interesting facts here.

What Are Stiff Hands When Playing Hard Hands in Blackjack? Characterized by some gamblers as one of the easiest and exciting games to be played in casinos, blackjack is also referred by many casino players as twenty-one. What Is A Breaking Hand In Blackjack? - bluefoxcasino.com

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How Sticking to Your Blackjack Strategy Card will See You ... Just follow a blackjack strategy card. If the dealer’s upcard is a 2-6, the chance of them having a stiff hand are high. The upcard indicates that their hand is most likely high enough for them to bust, but low enough (less than 17) to require them to hit.

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Lucky Stiff Blackjack Sidebet Blackjack Side Bets > Lucky Stiff. The Lucky Stiff side bet is active when a player is dealt a hard 12-16 or a blackjack. The bet will lose when any other hand is dealt. If a player is dealt a blackjack Lucky Stiff pays even money immediately. If the player is dealt a pair of 6’s, 7’s or 8’s then the player is paid 10-1 immediately. No Bust Blackjack – Blackjack Strategy - ace-ten.com